News Update 10/27/2021

To our valued customers,

It is with deep regret and heart felt sincerity of our apology that we have been unable to service you, our customers over the last few weeks. You have looked to us to service you, your home and the needs of your pet. However, due to a prolonged glitch in our system and an attempt to recover that which was lost, we have unfortunately upset many of our customers and for that we are truly sorry and we can promise you that this will not happen again. 
On another topic, we wish to address our apologies on the subject some of you not receiving your products in a timely fashion. This is unfortunately due to one of two things, both of which are due to COVID and is beyond our control. One of those things being the waiting on the manufacturer’s end to receive the parts or products to assemble or create the desired product that you are wishing to purchase. And the second being the extended wait times for shipping and delivery companies to pick up the products for shipment to us and to you, our customers.

In addressing this situation, we hope that you (our customer) will please be patient and understand that we are doing everything that we possibly can to get your order to you as soon as we possibly can. 

Thank you.



Fins & Paws LLC.

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