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Until recently, the most common solution for problem Iron and H2S “smelly water” was the use of harsh chemicals and complicated equipment that required continuous maintenance by the home owner or water treatment specialist.

The Misty Mountain Iron Eliminator filter NOW offers an all-natural solution to removing iron, smell and other contaminants from your water. This new technology uses nature’s own oxidation process plus a new catalytic conversion media and ultraviolet light to eliminate iron, H2S, ammonia, chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, protozoa, chloroforms, and much more from YOUR home’s water. This filter is much more advanced that anything on the today’s market.

If fact, it is similar to the same technology we used for the U.S. space station. It is light years in advancement compared to what is being offered. It is the least maintenance of any system being offered in the field of purifying drinking water.

It is in fact a miniature version of a bottling water plant. So…bottling your own purified drinking water from home is now possible with Misty Mountain’s Aqua Pure water filtering system.

All your water using appliances will last much longer by allowing purified water through them. This will add years to the life of these appliances.

Watering your plants and allowing your pets to drink purified water for drinking is much healthier for them. Life does not exist, as we know it, without water. Life with contaminated water is shortened by disease. If you are spending $2.00, on average, for a pint of drinking water you can pay for our system in 2.8 years. And that is only drinking one pint of water per day. In reality, you are now using purified water to flush, bath, shower, wash dishes, water for pets and plant etc.

So now, how much better off are you and everyone you love? That time frame can be shortened to a few months when considering how much water is really being used every day.


Our media last as long as 5 years under the average situations in residential city and well water.

Replacement parts $55.00 for year one and $95.00 for every other year. Year 5 only $314.50 under current pricing. Year 5 is a complete refurbishing of the entire system for all the parts needed. The only additional cost is labor. We currently charge $65.00 hour.


Stage 1: Mechanical

Stage 2: Catalytic conversion and absorption

Stage 3: Oxidation

Stage 4: Sterilization and final oxidation

The water you want and the water your body needs.

All for pennies a day.

Eliminates iron and staining

Eliminates the smell

Protects appliances and fixtures

Protects your pipes


Longest lasting media

Pennies a day for PURIFIED water

Pet protection

AND…..soooo…much more.